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Residential Direct Mail

If you want to target residents at their homes, then a Postal Carrier Route Saturation mailing is the most cost-effective approach. The USPS has the country divided into Zip Codes. Zip Codes are then divided into Postal Carrier Routes. These are the actual routes driven by Postal Mail Carriers. A Postal Carrier Route Saturation mailing simply mails one of your postcards to every address on each Carrier Route you select.

You can select Carrier Routes in any geographic area in the United States. Because very little sorting is required, this type of mailing earns the highest level of postage discount offered by the USPS. This savings in postage allows us to offer something amazing. We can design, print, obtain a mailing list, address, and mail postcards on your behalf for less money per piece than you would pay to put a First Class stamp on a postcard you had already paid for.

If your piece is Letter-sized (up to 6.125” H x 11.5” W), then the USPS requires that it carry the recipient’s address. The chart below shows all of the costs to send out a popular Letter-sized postcard to Atlanta-area residents on a Carrier Route Saturation mailing in several different quantities. If your piece is Flat-sized (larger than 6.125” H x 11.5” W) it may be eligible for Every Door Direct Mail. No address is required for Every Door Direct Mail.

Postcard Pricing (5.5 x 8.5)

Quantity Design Printing List Addressing Setup/Delv Postage Total Unit
1,000 $50 $165 $40 $50 $45 $175 $525 $.525
3,000 $50 $270 $60 $150 $45 $525 $1,100 $.366
5,000 $50 $355 $100 $250 $45 $875 $1,675 $.335
10,000 $50 $555 $200 $450 $45 $1,750 $3,050 $.305
20,000 $50 $1,065 $360 $650 $55 $3,500 $5,680 $.284
25,000 $50 $1,265 $450 $750 $65 $4,375 $6,955 $.278

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