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If you want to mass mail a letter, whether as a fundraising tool or to make an announcement to your customer base, there are several factors to keep in mind to control costs:

  • Black and white can be boring, but color will be more expensive.
  • Short, sweet, and clearly written leads to more effective communication and lowers your cost. Three pages front and back will never be read anyway.
  • The more extensive the personalization the more you will pay.
  • Save the fancy linen paper stock for personal communication. A 60# or 70# mid-grade paper stock is perfect for a form letter.

Advantage offers three common options for letters and they vary in viewer experience

A Generic Letter in a Personalized Envelope

By generic we mean that all of the letters are exactly the same and can be printed on a printing press or copier. The recipient’s name and address from your mailing list would be printed on the envelopes. Variable data indicates personalization. This is the least expensive combination.

Generic Letters and Envelopes
Personalized Letters and Window Envelopes

A Personalized Letter in a Window Envelope

In this case, each recipient’s name and address would be laser-printed on letterhead stock. The variable data is positioned so that it appears through the window in the envelope.

A Personalized Letter in a Personalized Envelope – Matched Mailing

In this option, the recipient’s name and address are laser-printed on the letterhead stock as well as on the outer non-windowed envelope. The completed letter has to be matched to the envelope. This is a more high-end approach commonly used in fundraising letters.

Personalized Letters and Envelopes

These are the most common examples, but the impression of the letter’s recipients is very important. If you have a different idea we would be happy to discuss it with you. Please call us at 678-921-2134 or click below and complete the contact form to connect.

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